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William Thorburn


The Thorburn-Macfie Family Society in Sweden was founded in 1937 by descendants of William Thorburn and his wife Jessy (née Macfie) who in July 1823 removed to Sweden from Leith in Scotland.

According to the statutes, the purpose of the Society is to maintain and promote the feeling of affinity among the descendants of William and Jessy. In Sweden we are today about 200 members and we keep together through our gatherings, our chronicle and spontaneous contacts. The Macfie family has its roots in the Scottish clan Macfie and via international clan societies we have contact with Macfie relatives all over the world.

Thorburn-Macfie Family Society Gathering 2019, July 5-6.

All members of the Thorburn-Macfie family society are welcome to attend the 28th ordinary meeting and gathering in Gustafsberg, Sweden.
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Jessy Macfie